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Effective Detoxification Therapies:


We have good programs for detoxification and general rejuvenation. Minimum of 05 person attendance is expected. For the Registration details and any other queries you have, please contact us at:
Stress Management Workshops:
In any organization – enthusiastic employees are invited to Registration! However, stress, time, age and tensions can wear away even the most dedicated employees.
Here is a unique way you can repay, reward and rejuvenate your executives / employees, by giving them an opportunity to :
Stress management workshop includes introduction to Yoga, basic yoga asanas, breathing techniques, Relaxation Techniques, Meditation and Yoga –Mudra, that help to combat workplace stress, quick office exercises based on yoga principles, a body rejuvenation session, tips on diet, nature walks, Acupuncture & acupressure etc.
1-day weekend stress management workshops offers business executives a restful, revitalizing yoga retreats at our Nature Cure Centre in Mrityunjay Dham, Rajawala, Dehradun.
Time and Date: It will be adjustable, depends on organization.
Minimum of 10 person attendance is expected.
Weekend sessions tend to be booked at least Two months in advance.
To make Registration and group bookings for your executives in our Revitalizing Workshops, contact us at now.
Home Classes :
We can arrange Yoga Meditation classes at your home.
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