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About Us:
Premananda Saraswati popularly known as Maha Manav Mrityunjay was spiritual guru of the founder chairman of Maha Manav Mrytunjay and Alternative Medication Sri R K Sinha.

Maha Manav Mrytunjay was a brilliant student and master of nuclear physics and a renowned yogi of his time, a self realized saint. When Mr. R K Sinha thought of creating an organisation for spreading awareness of yogic practices for curing and managing various non communicable diseases, it was natural that he remembered his guru who had initiated him to yoga during early 1970s.

Our center is situated in the lap of the beautiful hill of Mussoorie in Rajwala near Selaqui, about 25 km from Dehradun. On one side, the Shivalik mountain range will be seen in the morning, on the other side, the light shining night is seen in Mussoorie. In MrityunjayDham, there are naturally grown several Ayurvedic and herbal plants which have medicinal value and spiritual cultural religious & historical importance. In which almost plants and trees are grown naturally in organic environment.? “The PanchDravyaVriksh” has been planted just outer boundary of our Center on Roadside. A special swimming pool has been constructed for rheumatic patients. And there is a proper arrangement for yoga Kriyas. Our Eco-friendly approach makes use of organic composting and many natural and hand-made materials. The center will be run by qualified and experienced Doctors , Teachers, Therapist and Research Scholars Team.


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Our aim and objective is only “To Promotion of Positive Health in holistic way through Naturopathy, Yoga therapy, Ayurveda, Acupuncture, Acupressure, Diet Therapy and other drugless systems of medicines for the benefit of mankind.”


Human Body is an amazing machine which is flexible, intelligent and capable of taking care of its own problems. However due to various personal social and professional commitments human beings of twenty first century has made body so delicate and lethargic that people have to depend on external medication instead of using its own healing capacity of the body. Side effects of medicines are well known. Whether a modern medicine will be able to cure or manage a disease depends but it is absolutely sure that side effect of the medicine will create a new disease in the body. Modern medicine is good for surgical intervention and controlling viruses of communicable diseases, but hormonal disorders like diabetes blood pressure asthma thyroid joint and muscle pain cancer mental disorders excessive tension etc. which are non communicable diseases do not have any cure in modern medicine. At best modern medicine can claim to manage non communicable diseases by drugs but also accept that every such medicine has several side effects. The philosophy behind creating an organisation like MahaManav Mrityunjay yoga and alternative medicine is to make people aware and train to prevent and fight non communicable diseases themselves by regular yogic exercises and pranayama and follow the Naturopathic Dincharya, Ratricharya and Ritucharya with the Naturopathic Therapies like, Mud Therapy, Diet, Water Therapy, Music, Massage, Acupressure and Acupuncture.


Grand Plant of PanchDravya Plant

There is an organic?garden of Guava, Amla, Leechi, Papaya, different types of Mangoes with delicious and tasteful varieties are planted.?

Wild Tribal Herbals- We use 100% Organic Herbals?-Naturally grown in our campus:

Alovera, tulsi, neem, honey, punarva, mulehthi,and wheat juice etc all are used as antioxidant and regenerative herbs , which reduce stress,increasesefficiency,builds healthy cells balances metabolism, improves digestion,contributes to weight management and removes uric acid & toxins.

“We encourage people to take a walk on the Lawn to breath in the fresh air”

?ANNPURNA - cure from kitchen

According to Naturopathy "Food is medicine" hence we provide food as?a?medicine. Which is herbal & hygienic, organic (as possible)?free of oil, spicy and salt delicious food.?.

Our Naturopathy dietitian planes and advises patient diet separately for each patient day to day. You can also choose the different diet according to your choice from the menu card.

We?use freshly prepare Herbal Tea -It stopped the degeneration of the cells and increases the immune system.


In the ancient tradition of India it believes that there are 3 crore God & Goddess are living in Desi Indian Cow. So Hindus worship the Cow as Gau Mata (Cow mother). We have around 170 Deshi Cow and cuffs.

On request we also arrange the worship of Gaumata?to please the 3 crore??God and Goddess of the universe.

We serve the pure Deshi Cow’s milk to our staff and Patients.

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